Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Paint
Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Paint

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Dye-Na-Flow is a highly transparent, free flowing, fluid, water based paint that, in many ways, acts like a dye. Like a dye it is transparent but very luscious and vibrant in colour. It is flowable and cannot be felt on fabric. It is easy to use and requires no chemicals or special processing. All the colours are intermixable and can be blended to produce endless colour variations. It's uses vary - fabric, paper, wood, canvas, rice paper, and much more. It is suitable for airbrushing straight from the jar and can also be used in a water brush to transform your waterbrush into a paint pen. 30 colours available (each in a 70ml jar) plus the silk salt and the waterbased resist liquid.

A highly transparent paint, Dye-na-Flow was originally formulated for use on light coloured sheer fabrics making it ideal for silk painting and batik techniques. Sprinkle the Silk Salt on your wet Dye-Na-Flow for amazing starburst effects. Once dry, heat set the colour with a dry iron for at least 30 seconds, on the highest temperature setting for the fabric. It is permanent on most types of untreated fabrics and can be washed and dry cleaned after heat setting.

Dye-Na-Flow is highly pigmented and archival. This makes it ideal for working on other absorbent surfaces like paper, wood and leather. For water media painting techniques Dye-Na-Flow is great on watercolour paper, illustration boards, and most papers including Japanese print or rice paper. You can use Dye-Na-Flow with pen and ink, on pencil drawing or to hand colour prints or photographs for a unique touch. Because it is so transparent, it can be painted over any dark line or design leaving the dark image still visible through the colour.
The Many Uses of Dye-Na-Flow

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